(a.k.a. the bear)

A collection of technically minded friends hanging around and doing things on the internet.


We all met at the University of Virginia in beautiful Charlottesville. Some of us loved it so much that we stayed there! We attended the University, collectively, from about 1994 through 2005. Those were some good years.

Theater (Theatre?)

Originally we came together serving as technicians for the First Year Players. It's been a looooong time since any of us were directly affiliated with the group, though, so contact them with any questions about musical theater.

And now...

We've all got jobs and stuff. Some of us still do theater tech work. Most of us don't. All of us are pretty rad. And we use this server for e-mail, webhosting, and various other sundry internet needs.

Can you fix my computer?

This isn't a FAQ. But... probably.

Will you fix my computer?

Still isn't a FAQ. But... probably not.